If you’re not too chicken, you should check out our eggcellent incubator.

We’ve got eggs!  The Menands public library has partnered with the Menands Youth Parks Program to incubate 24 chicken eggs until they hatch.  Meanwhile, kids are helping us care for the eggs, turning them three times a day, making sure there’s water in the bottom of the incubator for humidity, and making sure not to drop any!  This Wednesday the 27th, we’re going to candle the eggs with small groups from the Parks program.  “Candling” means shining a bright light through the eggs to see if any are growing chicks inside them.


You can see that the eggs have “X” written on them in the picture, and they have “O” on the other side so that we know which way to turn them.  We turn the eggs at roughly 12:30, 3:30, and 7:00 pm, so if you’re in the neighborhood, stop by and help us out!

If we keep the eggs healthy, they should start hatching between the 6th and 9th of August.  The baby chicks will stay in the incubator until they’re nice and fluffy, and then they’ll live in a “Brooder Box” for a day or two before going back to the farm.

Ice Cream Social and Book Sale Saturday June 18th 1-4pm!

Come one come all to the Menands Library Ice Cream Social.  Rain or shine, we will be having a magic performance by Mr. Magicman at 1 pm sharp, followed by some balloon animals, plus ice cream provided by Stewart’s, and an opportunity to sign up for the Summer Reading Program!  Play bean bag toss or badminton!  Enjoy your local community and support the library by buying a gently used book!

Homework Help is Here!

Boy is it warm out today, but there are still two months of school left! If your elementary school homework has you too stumped to go out and play, stop in Monday, Wednesday, or Thursday from 4-5 pm to get help from one of our tutors! Call us for more info or to make an appointment for another time.

Where are we?

You know what I hear from people a lot?  “I didn’t know there was a library back there!”  Well, there is!  There’s also a nice park (Ganser-Smith Memorial) and a very friendly neighborhood.  It’s the heart of historic Menands, literally a stone’s throw from where Louis Menand sold his flowers.

Here’s how you get there…


Spring is almost here!

Don’t forget, on Wednesday March 9th at 6:00 pm we are going to meet up to plant seeds which we hope will sprout!

This will be an event for families with children.  We are going to read a story about Jack and the Beanstalk, talk a little bit about how seeds really are magic, and make self-watering sprouting containers from old water bottles!

The Village Gardener regrets that she won’t make it, but we will have other local green thumbs on hand to help out.