Egg hatching party!

We hope your summer is rocking along fine as well as ours!  Many of you already know that we have some chicken eggs incubating at the library just like last summer.  You can stop in and see them if you like (and maybe help us by turning them over).

If all goes well, the eggs will hatch on or before the weekend of July 29th.  In honor of they new baby chicks, we’re going to have an art party!  That Saturday, July 29th, at 11:00 am, we will be using a special technique to decorate ceramic eggs with a special guest presenter!

This is what the eggs will look like! Not the hatching ones, the art ones.

If you’re not interested in decorating an egg, you can at least visit the brand new baby chickens!

Summer is here!

Thanks to everyone who came out for the Ice Cream Social!  We were very pleased with the turnout and excited to have you all here.  Today is the summer solstice, which means the days are getting shorter from now until December!

Don’t worry though, we have plenty of activities to fill up the daylight hours for the rest of the summer.  Here’s a partial list:

If an event says “at Parks”, it’s taking place at the Menands parks program, which takes place from 9am to 12pm on weekdays in Ganser Smith Park. Visit this site for more information.

Meet the Chickens! Thurs 7/6 at Parks

-Farmer/Scientist George Steele introduces us to his birds at the parks program.

Chicken/Egg Box Escape Fri 7/7 3:00 pm at Library

-Can you crack the clues and get the prize?

Stomp Rockets Wed 7/12 at Parks


See Inside the Eggs! Mon 7/18 at Parks

-George Steele shows us how to peek inside our incubating chicken eggs.

Bubble Juice Wed 7/19 at Parks

-We’ll make our own super bubble blowers!

Squishy Circuits 7/24 2:00 pm at Library

-You’ve made stuff out of play dough before, but have you ever made anything that lit up?

Quacker Craft Wed 7/26 at Parks

-Fun noisemakers!

Pinhole viewers Mon 7/31 4:30 pm at Library

-We’re going to make gear to view the solar eclipse later in the summer!

Rainbow Wheels Wed 8/9 at Parks

-Brilliant spinning tops to learn about color mixing!

Summer Reading Book Stacking 8/14 5:30 pm at Library

-How high can we go?

Eclipse Party 8/21 1:30 to 3:30 pm at Ganser-Smith Park

April Showers…

HA!  Fooled you!  The flowers are already blooming, especially our lovely daffodils. Spring Break was fun–on Monday we made some wonderful wallets:

On Wednesday we broke the evil Nelyn the Alniribar’s spell by decoding his cryptic riddles:

And on Friday, we planted seeds for more flowers (and some veggies) that will soon be living outside the library:

Thanks to everyone who joined in!

Let’s make sure we all come to see the flowers at the Ice Cream Social on June 17th!

Spring is Springing!

The weather’s getting nicer!  We’ve got all the latest DVD releases and bestselling books for your rainy March/April days.  There are a few events coming up, too!

Wednesday, April 5th at 4:30 pm will be Toy Lab, where we’re going to make some toys that will “quack” you up.

During Menands school’s spring recess, there will be some events for kids and families during the day, too.

Friday, April 14th we will be holding our Easter Egg Hunt right when the library opens at noon!

Monday, April 17th we’re going to make Duct-Tape Wallets at 1:30 pm.

Wednesday, April 19th at 2:00 pm we’ll be doing a mystery escape-box event.  Figure out the clues to get to the treasure!

Friday, April 21st at 1:30 pm we’re going to plant some seeds with resident green thumb and library board member Judith Gladstone!