The Ice Cream/Book Sale was a great success!  Thanks to all the volunteers who helped make this event happen and thanks to all who came and participated.
    Special thanks to the Stewarts Shops who continue to support the ice cream social with their donation of ice cream and fixings.
    Thanks to the Bethany Presbyterian Church for letting the library use its tables for the event.
    Thanks to the Menands Hardware Store for donating bags for the book sale.
    A very special thank you to Leslie Carolus who has served as trustee on the library board. Her term ends June 30, and she will be missed. She has been a steadfast supporter of the library for many years.
    Welcome to Janet Ramsay who will become a library trustee as of July 1, 2018.
There are a number of library events coming up this summer, here’s a quick list!

Wed 6/27 @ 5pm
Rock Lock Box Escape at the Library
-Work as a team to solve the clues and unlock the prize box!

Wed 7/11 @ 5pm
Wii Rock Band Jam at the Library
Wii’ll break out the Wii and play some jams on Rock Band world tour!

Fri 7/13 @ 9:30am
Meet the Chickens! At Ganser-Smith Park
In association with the Menands Summer Park Program. Come visit with some live chickens with George Steele!  We’ll learn about their lifestyle and habits, and then we’ll set up an incubator in the library!

Thu 7/19 @ 9:30am
Stomp Rockets! At Ganser-Smith Park
In association with the Menands Summer Park Program. We’ll build some super rockets that will launch high enough to get stuck in the trees!

Wed 8/8 @ 9:30am
Read-in at Ganser Smith Park
In association with the Menands Summer Park Program. We’ll bring a selection of our favorite children’s and teen books to the park, get library cards for kids, and let them check out the books if they want to!

Wed 8/8 @ 4:30pm
Farewell Chickens Party at the Library.
At this point, if everything has gone well, we will have some freshly hatched baby chicks in the library to hold, learn about, and take pictures with!  We’ll eat the leftover ice cream from the ice cream social and have a little end-of summer party before the chicks grow up and have to leave our little nest!

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