Museum passes and solar glasses, oh my!

Glasses and passes

Update: The eclipse glasses are gone!

We’re getting a lot of attention about a couple of things at the library these days: our Saratoga Children’s Museum pass, and solar eclipse glasses.  We thought we’d provide some information here so people can understand what we have to offer.

The glasses: We are one of only a few libraries in the Capital Region who participated in a program to get free protective glasses to hand out to our community.  In the Upper Hudson Library System it looks like Bethlehem and Berne libraries also participated.

The passes: The Saratoga Children’s Museum made family passes available to libraries this year, and we have one of them.  The pass admits four people, and it checks out just like a book or DVD.  You get the pass for one week, you may not renew it, and we request that you return it directly to the Menands library rather than another member library.  It can be hard to ensure that our pass will be available on the date that you need it, but the good news is that many other UHLS libraries have passes, too.  If ours is not available when you want it, look for one that is available at another library and call them directly.  Most of the time they will be able to hold it for you until the end of the day.  Other libraries have different loan periods, so you should also make sure you won’t have to return it before you want to head up to Saratoga.

Keep in mind that there are lots of other museums with passes available through the Upper Hudson Library System, including Albany Institute of History and Art, Mass MoCA, the Clark, MiSci, the USS Slater, and many more!

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